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V-Maxx Coilover Suspension Kit - Adjustable Height / Fixed Damping - 60 CI 01

V-Maxx Coilover Suspension Kit - Adjustable Height / Fixed Damping - 60 CI 01

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V-Maxx Coilover Suspension Kit


Make Model Variant TÜV Approved Year Front Lowering Rear Lowering
Citroen C2 All Yes 03- 35 > 70 40 > 70
Citroen C3 All including Pluriel Yes 02- 35 > 70 40 > 70

Product Type: Height Adjustable / Fixed Damping

Notes: See table

Manufacturers Part Number: 60 CI 01

RRP: £522.00

Manufacture Notes:
• Lowering without droplinks when required, or more than listed measurements will void the warranty and is done at own risk.
• In some cases, wheel spacers may be required and must be used.
• Always align the car after replacing suspension parts.
• Sometimes actual lowering may be different from allowed by TUV regulations.
• Vehicles with lowered factory suspension may lower less than the figures listed.
• Kits are designed for fitting by an experienced professional. DIY fitment is at customers own risk.

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Product Description

TÜV-approved and with a two year warranty, V-Maxx coilovers represent some of the best value suspension currently available having won a number of awards over the past two years, being the only suspension brand to win in both the 2008 and 2009 Fast Car Awards.

V-Maxx coilovers are designed to be easily adjustable for the perfect vehicle stance so if you're looking to slam your vehicle, then V-Maxx is for you! Thanks to V-Maxx's commitment in kit development the range has grown significantly to well over two hundred applications and shows no signs of stopping.

• On car height adjustment
• High quality components
• Galvanized steel struts and gas shocks for durability
• Top quality, 2 year warranty
• TÜV approval across almost the entire range

Why V-Maxx?

Sold in 65 countries worldwide, V-Maxx coilover suspension has fast become a familiar name on the tuning scene. The team behind V-Maxx have many years of experience in the sports suspension industry and are continually bringing new kits to market.

What Fast Car had to say about V-Maxx:

"If you want to see any kind of improvements in your car's handling then you've got to get things nearer the tarmac, no arguments.

In days gone by the wallet-friendly option used to be a set of lowering springs and dampers while the rich boys went for the multi-adjustable, turn-this-and-twiddle-with-that coil-over option, but V-Maxx have managed to blur this divide in an absolutely stunning way.

The spec sheet of their fresh on the shelf coil-over kit reads much like many of its rivals does and includes on-car ride height adjustment and springs that have been set for fast road use, while a two year manufacturers warranty and TUV approval sure gives the buyer peace of mind.

However, what sets these apart from the rest is their price! Now that's a bargain."

Fast Car Awards 2008

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