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Richbrook Gear Shift/Gaiter Surround - Honda Civic VI (EJ/EK/EM) 1995-1999

Richbrook Gear Shift/Gaiter Surround - Honda Civic VI (EJ/EK/EM) 1995-1999

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Richbrook International - Sport Auto Accessories

Product Details: Richbrook Gear Shift Surround - Honda Civic VI (EJ/EK/EM) 1995-1999 (Pre-Facelift)

Manufacturer's Part Number: 8000.24

RRP: £22.95


Product Description

Since 1990 Richbrook have been producing innovative performance and styling car accessories of the highest quality. As a result, numerous car manufacturers have chosen Richbrook to design and produce original equipment and accessories for them. Testament to the quality of the products is the fact that both Ford and Vauxhall have recently chosen Richbrook to produce their ‘Official Collection’ accessory ranges.

From the wide range of innovative tyre valves to the iconic aluminium tax disc holder, the undisputed quality of Richbrook accessories is second to none. Focused on developing products that put equal emphasis on form and function, Richbrook remain a clear market leader.

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