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R-Power Induction Kit Seat Arosa/Cordoba/Ibiza, VW Bora/Golf Mk4/Lupo/Polo etc.

R-Power Induction Kit Seat Arosa/Cordoba/Ibiza, VW Bora/Golf Mk4/Lupo/Polo etc.

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R-Power Induction Kit

Designed and developed in the UK, R-Power performance air filters are a no-nonsense upgrade for your engine, giving superior airflow, improved under-bonnet looks and an aggressive head turning intake sound.

With vehicle-specific induction kits available for most popular applications and being very competitively priced, tuning your car for the street has never been so easy! All induction kits come with photo instructions and fixings to get your R-Power fitted.

Manufactured from polyester gauze mesh, R-Power induction kits provide fantastic airflow when compared to standard and even other performance air intake systems. With the addition of a throaty induction sound and highly polished finish, an R-Power is truly a performance air filter built for the street.

R-Power induction kits come complete with full fitting instructions, any brackets or fixings required specifically for your vehicle and of course, the fantastic R-Power air filter unit.

The R-Power induction kit is the ideal answer if you are looking for decent power gains at great value!

• Seat Arosa 1.4 16v 10/99-
• Seat Cordoba Mk1 1.4 16v 09/96-06/99
• Seat Ibiza Mk2 1.4 16v 09/96-08/99
• Seat Ibiza Mk3 1.4 16v (100bhp) 08/99-02/02
• Skoda Fabia 1.4 16v (100bhp) 09/99-
• VW Bora 1.6 16v 02/00-
• VW Golf Mk4 1.6 16v 02/00-
• VW Lupo 1.4 16v (100bhp) 10/98-05/05
• VW Lupo 1.6 16v GTi 06/00-
• VW New Beetle 1.6 16v 10/99-09/00
• VW Polo Mk4 1.4 16v 04/96-07/99
• VW Polo Mk4 1.6 16v GTi 09/98-07/99
• VW Polo Mk5 1.4 16v (100bhp) 08/99-11/01
• VW Polo Mk5 1.6 16v GTi 08/99-11/01

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