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POWERFLEX PowerAlign Camber Adjust Bolt Kit (14mm) PFA100-14 (Audi/Honda/Nissan)

POWERFLEX PowerAlign Camber Adjust Bolt Kit (14mm) PFA100-14 (Audi/Honda/Nissan)

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Product Details:

PowerAlign Camber Bolt Kit (14mm)

Camber adjusting bolt to replace the original 14mm bolt. This fits 2 bolt hub to strut models only. Check bolt diameter.

14mm x 60mm long, torque settings 55 lb-ft/ 75 Nm

• Universal

Contents (Part Per Pack):
• 2 x PowerAlign Camber Bolts
• 2 x Special tab washers
• 2 x Lock nuts

Manufacturers Part Number: PFA100-14

Product Description


Camber Bolts allow up to +/- 1.75 degrees of adjustment. They replace the original upper bolt on struts with 2 bolt fixings, one above the other, between the strut and knuckle.

Fitting Instructions

1. Check wheel alignment and note settings.

2. Gain access to the front strut to knuckle bolts, remove upper bolt and loosen lower bolt. Clean any dirt/rust from hole and both end faces.

3. The tab washer needs to be lined up so the small inner tab lines up with the lobe on the bolt. Fit the bolt with the large tab and lobe face towards the centre of the car this will give maximum camber adjustment. Fit the nut onto the camber bolt and tighten to the recommended torque (see above).

4. Tighten the lower bolt to the manufacturers torque setting.

5. Carry out a short road test to settle the suspension, re check the wheel alignment.

6. To adjust the camber loosen the camber bolt and the lower standard bolt, adjust as necessary by turning the bolt whilst holding the tab washer in either the negative or positive position.

Tip. With the large tab on the washer pointing towards the centre of the car will give negative camber adjustment, pointing out from the car will give positive camber adjustment. Turning the bolt fine tunes the camber.

7. Tighten the PowerAlign Camber Bolts to the above recommended torque settings. Tighten the standard lower bolt to the manufacturers torque setting.

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