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Pipercross Air Filter Cleaning Kit Dirt Retention Oil & Cleaner Additive (C9000)

Pipercross Air Filter Cleaning Kit Dirt Retention Oil & Cleaner Additive (C9000)

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Product Type: Air Filter Cleaning Kit Dirt Retention Oil & Cleaner Additive

Manufacturers Part Number: C9000

Product Description

The perfect solution for cleaning and prolonging the life of your Pipercross filter.  The set includes a 100ml Cleaning aerosol and a 100ml Dirt Retention (Oil) Aerosol to re oil the filter after cleaning.

Why Pipercross?

Pipercross has been making high performance air filters for the motor sport and domestic markets for over 25 years. Based in Northampton, England, Pipercross is situated in the country along with some of the biggest names in motorsport engine design and manufacture in the world.

In these 25 years their high performance filters have helped many race teams win major championships on the British, European and World stage. The development work carried out whilst dealing with these teams has enabled them to produce some of the most technologically advanced filters on the market.

This can be demonstrated by the release of the Pipercross Viper Carbon Fibre Cold air system. Full radius ram pipe base, reverse flow filters, carbon fibre heat shield and a sealed cold air feed. These are the things found under the bonnet of the most advanced competition car. These features are now available for many road cars with drivers who require the ultimate from their engines.

Although motor vehicle technology is moving at such a rapid rate, Pipercross continues to cater for the most basic carburettor cars with a large range of competition air filters available off the shelf. From Ram pipes and socks for SU's, to a PX600 base plate and filter for the latest throttle bodies on the market.

Pipercross is a growing company with high aspirations for success, constantly striving to push the envelope of air filter design in both performance and efficiency. After 25 years of hard work and innovation Pipercross is now and will always be at the cutting edge of motor vehicle design and technology.

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