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P3 Gauges

P3 Multi Gauge for Audi A6 (C5) inc. S6 Multi-Function Digital Display (vP3AC5X)

P3 Multi Gauge for Audi A6 (C5) inc. S6 Multi-Function Digital Display (vP3AC5X)

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P3 Gauges

• Audi A6 (C5) including S6 and Allroad

Product Type: Multi Gauge

Display Colour: Red

Vent Option: Not Included 

Manufacturers Part Number: vP3AC5X

NOTE: Please state if required for Left-Hand-Drive vehicle

• Plug and Play install - Just plug into your OBD2 port and install into dash!
• Reads and clears OBD2 Codes
• Peak Recall on all functions
• Boost and Vacuum from OBD2 port
• Optional 80psi analogue sensor
• Optional Auto-Dim or Manual Dimmer
• 2 x universal 0-5v linear analogue inputs
• Includes digital display, custom OBD2 wire harness and control box.

• Digital Speed
• Boost (Vacuum)
• Battery Voltage
• Code Reading/Clearing
• Coolant Temperature
• RPM/Shift Light
• Performance Timers (0-60)
• Ignition Timing
• Throttle Position
• Air Intake Temperature
• Exhaust Gas Temperature
• Dimmer Control

Optional Add-Ons

80psi Boost Sensor available
• Allows gauge to read boost directly from intake/charge pipe
• Plugs directly into the OBD2 harness (no wiring required)
• Can be added/removed from the gauge at any time

Tubing Kit available
• Approximately 60" of 5/32" O.D. flexible plastic tubing
• 5/32" O.D. "T" fitting
• 3 sections of 5/32" I.D. vacuum hose

Product Description

P3 Gauges is a specialist range of gauges that are fully integrated into an OE air vent providing a clean and sleek look once installed. All P3 vent gauges are colour matched to seamlessly match the standard interior light display.

P3 Gauges feature a multi-function digital display that allows you to view critical vehicle metrics like coolant temperature, intake air temperature, ignition timing, speed, RPM (with shift light) and battery voltage. The P3 Gauge also allows you to read and clear fault codes. The feature that gets used the most however is 0-60!

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