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Lockwood Mercedes Sprinter BLACK Dial Conversion Kit C022

Lockwood Mercedes Sprinter BLACK Dial Conversion Kit C022

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Lockwood Dial Conversion Kits (Km/H to MPH / MPH to Km/h)

Application: Mercedes Sprinter

Specific Compatibility Notes: N/A

Dial Face Colour: Black

Night-Time Illumination: As standard

Manufacturer's Part Number: C022

NOTE: Lockwood Dial Conversion Kits are produced for imported vehicles requiring conversion to an MPH speedometer scale and those being exported from the UK requiring conversion to Km/h. It is absolutely vital that great care is taken to identify the correct dials; often there are only very small variations that are to be noted in order to determine the correct part - this may be a single warning icon or a specific figure at which the speedo starts.

We encourage a photograph to be taken of the existing fascia in order to draw a careful comparision with the item pictured taking particular note of the Specific Compatibility Notes displayed above (if applicable). If in any doubt as to which product will be suitable, please contact us for assistance.

Please note that the product image may not accurately represent the colour of the product supplied. The dial colour and that of the night-time illumination is detailed above.

This item includes only the dial faces, no instruments or instrument cluster is supplied.

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