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Davies Craig

Davies Craig EWP115 Electric Water Pump (12V) with EWP & LCD Digital Controller

Davies Craig EWP115 Electric Water Pump (12V) with EWP & LCD Digital Controller

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Davies Craig EWP115 Electric Water Pump with LCD Digital Controller

The world's first universal-fit, automotive Electric Water Pump. Suitable for all makes and models - will excel on large six-cylinder and V8 engines, heavy-duty 4WDs and most engines between 200-350HP. Can be a practical alternative to the mechanical belt-driven pump or fitted as an auxiliary pump.

Lighter and more powerful, the EWP115 (115 litres per minute) pump is suitable for small, medium, large, high-performance and 4WD vehicles. It's a performance accessory that improves engine cooling control and capacity whilst giving you more power and torque and improved fuel economy.

Mechanical belt-driven water pumps run directly off the motor and sap engine power. The EWP115 is hard-wired into your electrical system, by-passing the engine and releasing up to an additional 10kW (13HP).

Benefits of a Davies Craig Electric Water Pump

• Increased power and torque
• Increased cooling capacity
• Improved fuel economy
• Eliminating heat soak
• Better control of engine temperature
• Flexible options for pump control

LCD Digital Controller

Designed for use when a mechanical water pump is being replaced by an electric water pump, the LCD Digital Controller regulates engine temperature by varying the pump speed. Not only that they allow the pump to run on after engine shut down washing away hot spots and protecting the engine from damage caused by heat soak - and they will also control an electric fan.

The new updated Digital Controller with its LCD screen has additional features, it gives real time display of coolant temperature, water pump operation and fan operation, plus it will raise the alarm in case of any cooling problems, keeping the driver informed of the state of the engine cooling system at all times.

It has nine temperature settings, all programmed at the touch of a button, increasing in 5-degree C steps from 60C to 100C - the previous version had just five.

Kit contents:

1 x EWP115 Pump
1 x Wiring harness
2 x Sleeve 3mm rubber adaptors
2 x Hose clamps
1 x Assorted hardware bag - includes relay
1 x LCD Digital Controller

Options for pump control

1. Use in conjunction with EWP & LCD Digital Controller
The Digital Controller has a micro-processor which will run the EWP at exactly the right flow rate maintaining your set, targeted engine temperature.

2. Use in conjunction with Thermatic Switch
Combine the EWP with an adjustable Thermatic Switch to add a cooling boost to an overheating mechanical pumping cooling system.

3. Continuous Running
Wire the pump to the ignition for maximum cooling - suitable for race vehicles, very hot climates and chronically overheating engines.

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