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BOSCH Super Plus Front SPOILER & Rear Window/Windscreen Wiper Blades 21/20/21" H

BOSCH Super Plus Front SPOILER & Rear Window/Windscreen Wiper Blades 21/20/21" H

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Bosch Super Plus Wiper Blades

Wiper Blades Supplied: Driver & Passenger Front + Rear

Total Number of Blades: 3

Fitment: Hook fitment ONLY

Driver: 21" (Spoiler)

Passenger: 20"

Rear: 21"

Note: Please check the length of wiper blades currently fitted to the vehicle in order to verify correct fitment prior to purchasing. If you have any doubts, please provide us with the vehicle registration along with details of the make, model and year of production.

Crest Motorsport

Product Description

85,6 % of the readers from german magazine auto motor und sport elected Bosch wiper blades to number 1 of "Best Brand 2009"

With Bosch wiper blades, you are sure to have a clear field of vision:

Renowned Bosch Quality translates into superb wiper performance throughout an extended service life. Bosch windscreen wipers rely on innovative technology for maximum visibility and optimal safety.

Durable safety:

• Robust fully-metallic retainer design with dual anti-corrosion protection for added resistance to the elements

Powerful and convenient wiper performance:

Bosch Super Plus featuring advanced dual-component technology:

• Super-compliant blade base furnishes extreme flexibility for exceptionally even and smooth sweeps for no rubbing or squeaking, even in severe weather.

• Extra-hard extruded edge section with dual micro-edge provides exceptionally thorough wiping throughout an extended service life.

Blade replacement in just seconds:

The "Quick-Clip" universal adapter allows installation of wiper blades without extended searching and fumbling. The pre-installed Quick-Clip fits every wiper arm to provide safety in seconds.

Smooth running coating - optimised for harsh environmental conditions. Even on partly dry windscreens, the wiper blade slides wax and dirt easily off the windscreen.

Soft flexible rubber compound - used for the base. Provides optimised flip-over flexibility, quiet operation and uniform wiping.

Wear resistant wiper blade edge - for a long service life. Ensures an efficient wiping action, so even the smallest micro-drops are removed.

'Quick-Clip' adapter - for easy installation on vehicles fitted with conventional 'hooked' wiper arms.

Installation Instructions

An adapter connects the blade assembly to the windscreen wiper arm.

To remove the old blade assembly:

1. Pull the end of windscreen wiper arm outward to fold the arm away from the windshield.

2. Press the tab on the adapter to release the detent mechanism.

3. On all standard windscreen wiper arms: Maintain pressure on the tab while pulling the blade assembly downward to slide it out of the recess on the wiper arm.

Installation of the new wiper blade:

1. Simply insert the blade in the wiper arm.

2. Pull the blade all the way into the wiper arm.

3. Snap into place - and finished!

Fitting Instructions

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